Weight Gaining Techniques

Some people are inherently thin and whatever the efforts made by them to gain weight will always end up in vain. Just like others they always tend to gain weight.

Anyone can gain weight through a proper balanced diet and by following a regular exercise. Half of your goal is achieved when you have properly planned your diet.

Eat More

In order to gain more weight, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to simply eat, eat and eat. Weight gaining is nothing but trying to consume more calories than what your body can burn and continuing it for a longer period. It doesn’t mean that you have to eat each and everything you gets. Plan your meals carefully so that it helps to gain mass rather than fat. Thin persons should definitely have at least five to six servings a day. It means that they should eat during every three hours. The meals can be classified as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and three small servings.

Concentrate on food items such as poultry, fish, milk, fruit and vegetables, cheese and a variety of nuts. It is highly recommended to consume at least four glasses of milk a day as it is the cheap and good source of protein. In addition to milk have at least 6 pieces of fresh fruit and a hand full of peanuts. Go for a variety of food as it helps to keep your meals an enjoyable one. Furthermore, it does not give you the feeling of the stomach being overfilled.

Focus on calorie rich foods

Focus on calorie rich foods as such food items will only help you to gain more weight. When you think of calorie the food items which will immediately rush into your mind are fried ones and desserts. Instead of such items try to choose food items which will also include a substantial amount of other nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and protein, in addition to calories.

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The following food items can bring those extra calories which are required for your excess weight.

All kinds of fresh fruits, juices etc

Milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and other milk products

Peanuts, dried beans, and assorted nuts

Fresh vegetables

Poultry, eggs, meat and fish

Bread, cereals, rice, rolls, pasta, cakes, muffins etc


Snacking plays a major role in weight gain. Eat those snacks which add more calories, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Similarly, ice creams based on shakes also helps to gain more weight. Similarly eating during late night particularly before bedtime helps to gain weight. In order to gain more nutritional value from the food, try to relax after your meal.

If you like fried foods then have it without any hesitation. If you prefer oily foods, then go for foods made of vegetable oil.

Things to avoid

Avoid beverage items such as coffee and tea as they are good stimulants and have an adverse effect on the metabolism of the body. Similarly, avoid the habits of smoking as well as liquor if you have smaller quantities of alcohol before meals it will help to enhance your appetite.

Concentrate on Work-outs

You have to also concentrate on exercises along with your food. Exercise should be done such that the muscles should be stretched out. As our purpose is to gain weight, vigorous exercise is not advisable. Working out for three or four times a week will do the best. Every time try to add additional weight as it will help to convert the excess mass into muscle.

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Apart from all, there are some other factors such as genetics, stress, anxiety which determines the body weight as well as physique of a person. So in simple terms eat well, relax well and exercise well to increase your weight.