Therapeutic Effects of Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is one of the therapies to maintain good health. The human organism on its own accomplishes the healing process. By doing this therapy you can restore health to cells, tissues and all organs. This is the best treatment to clear all the venomous wastes, without troubling the health.


First of all, this should be done in the morning without any intake. Take a spoon of oil and pour into the mouth. Then, move it slowly to all over the mouth, it should reach each and every corner of the mouth, and also in between the gaps of the teeth. This process should continue for nearly twenty minutes, and the oil should completely mix with saliva. Also, it should be done carefully, and you must not swallow the oil. Oil should get thinner and white. After this process, you can spit it out, and wash your mouth thoroughly with ordinary water.

The sink that was used for this process must be clean appropriately with antibacterial soup or liquid. It is very important because the spittle consists of detrimental venom and bacteria. This oil pulling is good for your health as well as for your teeth. It will work on loose teeth, bleeding gums, and particularly for whitening of teeth. It is a must to do before breakfast but can be done thrice a day, but do it always with an empty stomach.

Safety Measures                 

While Oil pulling the oils should not be swallowed. Nothing will happen if you swallow the oil accidentally. It will release through feces.

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Also, it is important to use the best and unique brand of oil, so you can avoid some allergic reaction.

Additionally, it is advisable to do the therapy with Sesame or Sunflower oil, these two oils got equal power to cure the disorders and maintain the health. Other oils are not advisable.

Effects of Oil Pulling

Effects of this therapy are really amazing and unbelievable. It is shocking that with this practice; most of the symptoms have disappeared without any side effects. This simple method of treatment makes it possible to recover the variety of diseases, which are not curable without undergoing an operation or powerful unique drugs. It is possible to cure every individual cell, cell conglomerates like lymph nodes and many more compound tissues of the interior organs.

By this treatment, you can be benefited if you suffer from the following diseases without any side effects like migraine headaches, chronic blood disorders like leukemia, kidney disease, arthritis and associated illness, bronchitis, teeth related diseases, heart disease, neuro physiological paralysis, arterial thrombosis, gastroenteritis, meningitis, eczema, women’s hormonal disorders and peritonitis. We can also give this therapy on fatal cases like chronic infections, cancer, and Aids, and it works better.

Lastly, everyone likes to lead a healthy and happy life, not always with sickness and with damaged cells. It is a simple and healthy method to maintain your body healthy.