What is Junk Food?

Junk food refers to food items which don’t have any nutritional value or have some nutritional value. But made up of ingredients which are considered as unhealthy when consumed on regularly.

Normally junk foods contain excess salt, refined sugar, trans and saturated fat, preservatives and coloring agents. Furthermore, they don’t have any of the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber etc. which are required for the body growth.

Junk foods are also referred as fast food as they are easy to prepare. Such foods do not have any nutritional value. What the junk foods contain is the trans and saturated fat which brings nothing but illness to those who are consuming it.

Color and taste are the two important features of junk foods which drew the attraction of the customer especially the children. The taste of the junk food makes you addicted to it. However, this great taste is attained through the usage of excess oil, salt, and sugar than it is used in the normal cooking. Once you get addicted to junk food, your mind will not accept anything regarding the loss of nutritional value.

In order to make the food catchy and yummy harmful additives such as tartrazine and monosodium glutamate are used. The additive tartrazine is a coloring agent obtained from the coal tar. Its main purpose is to make coke and coal gas.

Apart from nutrition, it is relatively cheap to manufacture and will not spoil quickly. That is why it is more popular with suppliers and they are keen to sell such kind of products. In addition to that, junk food doesn’t require any refrigeration to preserve.

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The reason why junk consumers are crazy for junk food is that it requires little or no preparation and because of its mouth-watering taste.

What are the adverse effects on the consumption of junk food?

Regular consumption of junk food leads to diabetes, obesity, dental cavities and may sometimes even lead to heart disease. Some of the harmful effects of junk food are

Increased level of cholesterol

Junk foods increase the level of cholesterol in your body which in turn forms plaque and thereby block the arteries. More over liver is the other major organ which is severely affected due to excess cholesterol. Increased cholesterol from the junk food strains the liver and thereby by slowly weakening the liver.

Insufficient energy

Junk food does not contain any kind of nutrients and therefore the consumption of it cannot meet the energy requirement of the body.

Lack of concentration

Junk food is rich in oil, salt, preservatives and other flavors. As a result when you consume these products you may feel drowsy and consequently, you may fail to concentrate. Regular consumption of junk food leads to drop in the circulation of food. This is due to the formation of fat in the fat in the blood. Consequently, your body does not get enough oxygen and can gradually affect the brain cells.

Heart Diseases:

The major consequence of junk food is the heart diseases. It is a long term effect which occurs due to the frequent consumption of junk food. Junk foods result in the formation of plaque which eventually leads to heart failure. Due to this plaque formation, there is a lack of blood supply to the heart and therefore the heart has to exert more effort to meet the shortage.

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In short, our body has the potential to meet the effects of occasional consumption of junk foods. When you become addict towards junk food, the hazardous ingredients of it will definitely create an adverse effect on your body.