Obesity and Food

Obesity is one of the major problems faced by millions of people over the world. The major cause of obesity is the food which you consume. This kind of problems is rampant especially in countries like the US and other European nations. In the US, one in every three persons is suffered from obesity.

Obesity is a state where a person has been unable to maintain an optimal balance between the calorie consumed and the energy utilized by the body. When a difference occurs the person is said to be obese

Obesity is normally determined through a common standard called Body Mass Index (BMI). If the Body Mass Index of a person is 30 or above, then he is said to be obese.

Obesity occurs when the excess calorie is not utilized by the body. This excess calorie, in turn, converts itself into fat. The accumulation of fat thus eventually leads to obesity. Though obesity has many causes such as heredity, age, sex, environmental & emotional factor etc, food which we consume has become the prime cause of obesity. The reasons for obesity may vary from one individual to other.

What are the causes of obesity?

Now a day the teenagers are considerably at a higher risk of being obese. It is mainly because of their improper food habits and lifestyle. The majority of the teens and children are going behind wrong food habits, and moreover, they all lack the habit of doing regular exercises which is a prime factor to avoid obesity.

Going to a restaurant has become a trend for today’s generation. This is another major reason for obesity. Fast food contains excess salt, sugar, preservatives etc than in the normal food which your mom prepare in the home. More over fast foods are rich in cholesterol which may eventually lead to obesity. Western countries are too much dependant on junk food, especially the US and countries in Europe. However, this tendency has also become more prevalent in the developing countries such as China, India etc.

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The reason why obesity has become widespread in our society is that the standard of living of the people has improved where you are provided with wide varieties of fast food and act of doing the exercise has become optional.

Facts about Fast Food and Obesity

Teens and children are so crazed on fast food that they can’t even think of any other food. Similarly working people also prefer to order food from outside as they are convenient and delicious

The painful fact is that these foods do not contain anything except trans and saturated fat which are not good for your health. These fats are the major cause of arterial damage. While consuming fast food your calorie level easily crosses 1500kcal. So if you eat fast food on regular basis means there is no doubt that you will become obese.

More over fast foods lack fiber content which is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Fast food meal is abundant in trans and saturated fat, refined flour, salt, sugary soda, substandard quality of carbohydrates and more preservatives. All these things are contrary to a healthy meal.

Studies have found that if teens or adolescents take fast foods 3-4 times a week, then the chance of getting obesity increases by 50%.

Fast foods also invite Type 2 diabetes. Fast food leads to over weight which in turn offers ground for diabetes. The substandard quality of carbohydrates which is present excess in the fast food strains your body to produce more insulin.  Due to this constant strain, the body loses the ability to produce insulin.