Natural Ways to Remain Energetic

Now a day people find themselves tired quickly due to the short supply of energy. It may be either due to stress in their job, improper food habits, and lack of exercise or sleep or due to a certain disease or medication.

Sometimes undergoing a certain medication will also cause fatigue. Also if you are ill your energy level will go down and you may feel tired.

When the fatigue becomes severe and extreme accompanied by any disease such as flu or jaundice, then it is called as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The condition is a little bit serious and will last for not less than 6 months. There is no medication for it and the only thing you have to do is to take rest.

However, there are some techniques that everyone should know and follow in their day to day life in order to enhance their energy level. They are as follows

Concentrate on energy giving foods

The nutrients in the food have a direct relation with the energy level of a person. So in spite of choosing tasty foods, it is better to go for food items that will boost up your energy. Food items such as poultry, egg, fish, green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, molasses, oatmeal, milk and milk products, sardines etc will help you to increase the energy level.

Along with it, you have to drink plenty of water. When your body lacks water you will feel tired which is one of the leading causes of low energy level.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise under proper guidance will help to keep you fit and active throughout the day. Some may not have enough time or money to afford a gym. Such people can try simple exercises such as sit ups, push ups, jogging etc in their home itself.

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Similarly, another kind of exercises such as yoga, qigong, tai chi, reiki etc will also help in maintaining a substantial energy level.

A Sip of Coffee Can Stimulate Energy

Studies have found that a cup of coffee before work out will reduce or avoid the tiredness after exercise. Coffee is a good stimulant and it has the potential to quickly remove the tiredness. However, only one or two coffee is recommended per day as too much of caffeine is not good for health.

Natural energy boosters

Natural herbs have the ability to keep you energetic for a long term. They are good natural medicines without any side effects. Some of the herbs which are known as energy stimulators are green tea, ginger, licorice root, turmeric, gingko Biloba, royal jelly, maitake Siberian ginseng, maca, etc.

Plan your diet

Instead of having three big servings, divide it into five small servings. This will distribute the energy more effectively. Consequently, you have to eat enough. If your calorie level drops below 1000, you will be extremely fatigue and it will slow down the process of metabolism. So concentrate more on your calorie levels.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercise helps to increase the oxygen level in your body. The increase in oxygen means an increase in energy which in turn keeps you active throughout the day.

If you are fatigue along with other symptoms, then it is advisable to consult a doctor as it may be the symptom of some other disease. If you have normal fatigue, it is not a problem but if you feel a lack of energy continuously for many days, don’t be lethargic immediately consult your nearby doctor.