Methods of Bodyweight Exercises

There are many exercises to control your bodyweight and get good looking. These exercises are very simple and you can do it regularly. Listed below are some of the simple exercises on bodyweight.

Push Ups

Pushups are the best exercise for your upper body. You can do this exercise anywhere; the requirement is only a flat floor. Take a deep breath and exhale while pushing up. Presume the position for Push Up, your hands must little wider than your shoulder. A flat back should maintain. You should not allow your butt to rise more than your body level. There are many types of Push Ups like performing with the stability of your feet and doing Pushups with a single hand. If you do not have enough stamina to take regular Push ups, you can use a bench or a coffee table to take Pushups instead of the floor.


This is also a floor-based exercise. While doing Crunches you should lay down on the floor with knees and bend your fingers at the back of your ears. The elbows should face outside. While doing Crunches you should not clutch your hands behind your head. Assume that your lower back should press the floor. The neck positions should be straight. Slowly lift your shoulders and head from the floor towards the ceiling in a slow and restricted method.

Bench Dips

This is one of the best exercises for triceps and also for the back upper arm. For Bench Dips, normally you should place your heel of the hand on the flat surface like bench, chair or coffee table. Slightly wider your hip, fingers should wrap the edge, and the arms should be straight. This is the correct position to do the Bench Dips. You should bend your body slowly until the upper arm touches the floor, and then straight your arm and press your body to the starting position. It is important the elbows must not lock during this exercise. Initially, this movement will be little difficult to do, so you can bring your feet to some extend and maintain a bend in your knees. You can raise your feet on a platform, stability ball or on a separate bench to do this movement is better.

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Hip Extensions

This movement is the heart point of the muscles in your butt. To start this movement you should insert a stability ball below your hips, it should be on the floor with your hand in front of you. Bond your butt muscles, lift with your legs. It should come in a straight line of your body. You should do this for just 2 seconds and you can come back to your normal position slowly. You should do this movement soft and restricted manner. Rebounding the butt at the floor is not a correct landing in this movement.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is an excellent exercise for both heart and lungs function. Your hands and feet must in a flat position while starting this movement. It is better to place your hands on a step instead of floor to the beginners. To start, keep your body equivalent to ground, start a running movement, move your knees upwards towards your chest front and back alternatively. It is better to stay on the floor lightly on your feet and do the exercise as fast as you can.