Getting rid of excess fat

Fat distribution

Why fats accumulate in someone’s belly and on another person’s hips is something that is genetically determined. It is in your genes and there is not much you can do about it. Yes, you may be able to contain the percentage of fat in your body, with regular exercise and a good nutritious diet. But whenever the input and output do not match, these will come creeping at you in the same predisposed places you are most susceptible to. So if you have a mom who’s got heavy hips you can blame it all on her, when you decide to do nothing about it!

Besides the hereditary factor, there is also a universal sex difference to the distribution of fat in the body. Women have a tendency to accumulate fat on their hips, thighs and upper arms. Men tend to have fat around the belly often called love handles (yeah sure, they handle us fine!) The distribution of fat around the belly is also more dangerous to health which is no wonder women far outlive men!

The amount of excess fat (which has accumulated due to the intake of excess calories or a sedentary lifestyle in any form not only fat) can also act as pointers to your predisposition and risk of ailments like coronary heart and arteries diseases, hypertension etc.

So what is it you can do to get rid of bulging bellies, thunder thighs, heavy hips and the like?

  • Doing aerobics daily (or at least 5-6 times a week) for anywhere from 20-60 minutes. If this amount of time is not feasible to you at one stretch, do it in bouts throughout the day. This can have a cumulative effect.
  • To take care of toning the muscles that lie underneath the accumulated fat, you can do a series of toning exercises. Remember, though that you must work out all parts of the body equally so that none of them are weak. This will save you from future injuries in the weaker parts.
  • Do not forget the go show principle – what goes in, shows out (unless used up in the form of exercise! Replace it with Go for It!)
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But remember that no amount of abdominal crunches or leg lifts by themselves will take care of your problem. They have to be in tandem with aerobic workouts and must include some flexibility exercise for good measure.

Of the numerous benefits, fat reduction is just one of them. So it’s a worthwhile exercise to make it a part of your routine and daily life and not just a goal by itself. Take charge of your life and fat now!