How To Gain Weight The Right Way

How to Put on the Pounds and Remain Healthy

While the majority of women and men are struggling to shed the unwanted pounds, there are some people whose problem is exactly the opposite – how to gain weight and add some pounds to their bodies.

There are several reasons why some people want to gain extra pounds. People who are naturally thin and want to add some curves to their bodies go to great lengths to gain some weight. Some want to regain the pounds they lost due to physical illness.

Elderly people are also prone to unexpected and uncontrolled weight loss, and thus have to regain the pounds they lost to remain healthy. Lack of nutrition is also an often cited reason for wanting to put on pounds.

Step with Caution

Whatever the reason, gaining weight is not easy and should be done with much caution. Many will say that it’s easy to put on the pounds as long as you stuff yourself with fatty food like ice cream, cheeseburgers, and donuts.

This, however, is obviously not recommendable if you want to remain healthy while gaining weight. This is why you should stock up on the nutrients, calories, and phytochemicals that not only will help you gain weight but will also ensure that you remain healthy in your quest to put on the pounds.

The rule of thumb in gaining weight is to take in more calories than your body is currently receiving. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just go on calorie-binges. Especially if you’ve been struggling with a specific disease or illness, you should consult your physician about your calorie needs and recommended daily calorie intake.

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Another option is to consult nutrition guides or online calorie calculators to know the average amount of calories you should be taking in daily. Once you know your body’s calorie needs, you can then proceed to select the types of food you should be eating.

Know What to Load Up

If you want to remain healthy while gaining weight, you should learn to add and eat nuts, cheese, and dressings made of canola oil, olives, and walnuts to the salads you eat.

Another helpful tip is to load up on fruit juices, dried fruits, corn, potatoes, and starchy vegetables. If you’re craving for chicken or fish, you can use cheese or cream sauces to the dish to get extra calories. If you’re a chocolate lover, skip on the milk chocolate and go for dark chocolate variants instead.

Aside from the choice of food, you can also take dietary supplements such as pills and tablets that’ll help you put on weight faster and in a healthier way. Just don’t forget to couple your new “healthy weight gain diet” with proper exercise so you’ll also develop muscles which will add to your total body mass.