Find out why it is essential to know your audience in copywriting

Copywriting is about making sales, creating leads or any other call to action that a marketing campaign is aiming for.  To get the most effect and worth out of your sales marketing you need to make sure that you are tailoring it to your target audience.  But why is it important and how do you do that?

For any number of reasons and with a few simple techniques, all of which will directly increase the effectiveness of the sales campaign. 

Different strokes for different folks.

An old saying but one that still holds true today.  Different people have different wants, needs and trigger words.  They go for different advertising campaigns, they need different copy and different calls to action.

So it is vital when you are copywriting that you know exactly what audience you are selling to and what their buying triggers are, what sort of copy they react to.  You need access to market research.

How you do this is really down to your budget.  There are a huge amount of market research companies around and many will post findings publicly.  So by hunting around for awhile, you may well find what you need.

BUT that doesn’t always work, or the survey isn’t tailored enough for what you want.  In this instance, you need to be approaching the market survey companies themselves and getting them to find out the right data for you.

The fact is that any marketing campaign is only as good as the data it uses.  Think of some of the most powerful and persuasive copy you have ever written?  Why was it so good?  Because it targeted an audience.  By writing with a certain subset of people in mind, whether middle-aged Christian or teenage rap fans, you are able to reach out to them with examples of their peer group using the products, the benefits they will enjoy and answer that ever important copywriting question what’s in it for me?’

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Good copy will engage the audience and for that to happen it is vital that you know who exactly your audience is, and what it is that will make them react to a call to action.  We all know sales marketing has to be memorable, that it has to hook the readers and get your message across.  Unless you know just who your readers are you will be struggling from the start.

So get out there and find your data.  Without it, you will struggle, with it and you are halfway home to writing that copy that will put sales through the roof and get clients and customers coming back again and again.