Diet to Prevent Cancer

For healthy a life, we have to follow a healthy diet. Following a proper diet is the best treatment for all the problems. Diet plays a major role to avoid cancer. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, strictly no for junk foods are best for preventing cancer. Additionally, regular eating habit is to be followed. Overweight has a chance to increase a possibility of cancer. Lastly, it is important to take care of weight gain.

The following tips are very helpful to prevent cancer.

Be Active

1.    It is important to be active all the time. Also, regular workouts can do better. While climbing stairs do not search for lift, try to climb a staircase. For a short drive, park your vehicle and walk. These activities will definitely avoid cancer.

Drink Water

2.    Drinking water is really the best treatment for all diseases. But drinking alcohol is really bad for your total health. Drinking alcohol is very much related to cancers. Furthermore, the consumption of alcohol must be zero to avoid cancer. Drinking alcohol leads to cancers like mouth, breast, and throat. Lastly, it is recommended by physician those who are suffering from heart diseases can consume alcohol one time per day for women and two for men.

DO NOT EAT Junk Food

3.    Junk or fast foods are the real hosts to invite cancer. It is also, the main reason for obesity. Junk foods contain high sugar and fat. It is better to concentrate on fiber and whole grain foods like unrefined cereals, pulses, and grains. Instead of soft drinks, it is better to have natural fruit juices.

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Be Careful with your BMI

4.    Obesity always gives a red carpet welcome to cancer. It is much better to concentrate always on your BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI measures the weight related to your height. It is not difficult to maintain your BMI. You can see BMI machines wherever you go like restaurants, workout centers, medical centers and many more places. Also, you can maintain your BMI under control by watching regularly. High BMI linked with endometrial cancer, esophagus and pancreas, kidney and bowel cancer. It leads to post-menopausal breast cancer too.

NO Red Meat

5.    Reduce the consumption level of red meat. It should not exceed 500g red meat a week. It is proven by World Cancer Research Fund that these raw meats and processed meat like bacon and ham increase the risk factors of cancer by 10%.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

6.    Consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables can prevent cancer. While looking for local, unpacked and organic vegetables it is a must to wash the vegetables thoroughly with clean water. Potatoes should not take place in the diet because it is a starchy food. Raw vegetables are best. Frozen fruits and vegetables are best for cancer prevention diet. Canned fruits and vegetables can do better. Dried or canned pulses like chickpeas, beans, and lentils are also recommended. These are high in fiber, comparing to vegetables the minerals and vitamins are less in them.

Breast milk for babies

7.    Breast milk is the best medicine for babies, particularly for six months. It is not like to stick upon six months; it can be continued.

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Consume vitamins and minerals the right way

8.    Vitamins and minerals are to be consumed through vegetables, fruits, and pulses. Vitamin and mineral pills are not recommended by physicians.

Watch the Salt

9.    First of all, to avoid cancer it is a must to consume salt in minimum level. It should not exceed 6 grams daily, so no junk foods; these may contain salt and sugar in high level. Cancer patients are strictly advised to follow these diets to avoid and prevent cancer.