Diabetic Diet – Diet Plan for Diabetic

Diet is an important factor for those suffers from diabetes. A proper diet helps in controlling diabetes. You can follow a diabetic diet alone or in combination with insulin or other medicines. Diabetic diet usually contains high fiber content. The diabetic diet aims at providing sufficient nutrition to the person and also helps in maintaining his/her body weight while maintaining blood sugar levels at normal levels.

Why is a diet plan vital for a diabetic?

As mentioned earlier, a diet can play an important role in keeping blood sugar levels in check. One should take care of his carbohydrate, fats and protein intake as they may have a significant effect on blood sugar levels. A diabetic person should eat highly nutritious foods that are lower in calories. Hence a diet plan is needed for better selection and intake of foods.

How can a diet plan for a diabetic be made?

There are several factors that should be considered before framing a diet plan for a diabetic patient. These include age, sex, height, weight, nature of diabetes and extent of physical activity. Apart from these, it should be taken into account whether the patient has any other ailments such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure etc.

After considering all the above factors your dietician will decide upon the amount of calorie intake and the share of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibers and mineral in your diet.

Furthermore, you should take into account some important factors while planning your diabetes diet.

  1. Also, make sure that the fiber content in your diet is maintained above 1.4 ounces/day
  2. Plan your diet such that you take in four or five smaller meals instead of having three big meals.
  3. Do not include junk diet in your diet. Instead, have cooked cereals.
  4. You should not eat any carbohydrate item two hours prior to going to bed.
  5. Include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet.
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What are the things to avoid in a diabetic diet?

  1. You should reduce your intake of items such as salad dress ion, mustard, and ketchup.
  2. One should not consume organ meats and you should reduce your red meat intake. Instead, you can add more fish and low-fat turkey in your diet.
  3. You should take in meals and medicines on time. Do not skip them.
  4. You should avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.
  5. One should change your preference towards fresh foods instead of canned foods.
  6. You have to take in less salt due to its high sodium content.
  7. One should strictly avoid eating junk foods and ready to eat foods.